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We recruit and place healthcare professionals across a wide range of practice areas including the following specialisms:


Capital Staffing Midwives provide advice, care and support for women and their babies during pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period. They help women make their own decisions about the care and services they access. They care for newborn children, providing health education and parenting support immediately after delivery, until care is transferred to a health visitor.

Mental Health/RMNs

Mental health nurses work with people suffering from various mental health conditions and their family and carer’s to offer help and support in dealing with the condition. The work involves helping the patient to recover from their illness or to come to terms with it in order to lead a positive life. Our nurses may specialise in working with children or older people, or in a specific area such as eating disorders. Our nurses often work in multidisciplinary teams, liaising with medical professionals to encourage complete patient care.
Paediatrics Nursing

Our Capital Staffing nurses face many challenges in their daily work. The patients are often uncooperative, as children in hospitals are often scared, and easily upset. Capital nurses will be faced with heart breaking cases, involving children who have been hurt or killed in easily avoidable accidents, or children who are critically ill. However, there are also many rewards.

Our Paediatric nurses play an important role in making children feel  better. We are responsible for the majority of the care these little patients receive.  We connect with them in our care, and can make a scary experience for them and their families much more bearable.

Emergency Medicine Nurses

Our Emergency Medical Nurses (A&E) require specialist knowledge and experience to the practice of emergency care within the Accident and Emergency department.  Our nurses perform a range of tasks to ensure that their patients are given the correct level of care and a full appreciation of their injuries is understood and evaluated.

Our tasks include patient administration within trauma units including acute response, emergency medical assistance, aiding doctors with surgery, emergency room or critical care units, while providing emergency medical treatment and patient advice and support where ever possible.

Capital Training Academy


At Capital Training Academy, we offer a wide range of training courses for nurses and midwives - view courses and book online today!



Capital Group offer information and support to help our nurses through the process of NMC revalidation.

Refer and Earn

Refer and Earn

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