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Our Philosophy

Capital Staffing believes that the following statements best describe the values by which we strive to operate on a daily basis.

We believe that each Client we provide care for has the right to: 

  • A Person Centered Approach – to be cared for as an individual by people who are capable of understanding their needs; who are confident and competent to meet those needs and act as an advocate on their behalf and in their best interests.
  • A Good Quality Service – our Clients will receive prompt, compassionate, dignified and effective attention to all their healthcare needs.
  • Appropriately Trained Staff - a full and comprehensive training programme is in place with development opportunities for both Registered Nurses and Support Workers. Feedback of the quality of care and support they have provided will be given to staff on a one-to-one basis. Staff appraisals are undertaken annually and personal development plans are promoted and monitored.
  • Client Needs and Values – our Clients (and their immediate family) deserve to be treated equally, with respect, dignity and understanding of their cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs.
  • Consultation – our Clients (and their families) have the right to be informed about any important decisions that may affect them and have the opportunity to voice their concerns and fears in a safe environment. Additionally, we will undertake quarterly audits of the services we provide using face to face, telephone feedback and feedback forms and clients (and their immediate family) will be made aware of any changes that are made using the data collected in these forms.
  • Clients (and their family) will be given the opportunity to complain about things that they feel are unfair or when mistakes are made, to people who listen to what they say, act upon it in a timely way and provide them with feedback of the outcome of the complaint. Clients (and their family) will be provided information in the appropriate format on how to make a complaint or compliment.
  • Confidentiality – our Clients and their families and carers will be made aware that information about them is handled appropriately and in accordance with Data Protection Act and the NHS code of Practice for Records Management.
  • Best Practice and Continuous Improvement – Capital Staffing will strive for continual improvement to meet an ever changing social care environment and to be an innovative/dynamic care and support agency whilst also meeting legislative and national guidance.
Capital Training Academy


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